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Local rules training.


We offer a range of face-to-face laboratory training to staff and students.


Local Rules 300 - Laboratory Induction

Local Rules 302 - Safe use of Fume Cupboards

Local Rules 303 - Use of Microbiological Safety Cabinets

Local Rules 305 - Dealing with Laboratory Spills

Local Rules 401 - The Disposal of Laboratory Waste


Training content has been written by Health and Safety Coordinators (HSC’s) and has been authorised by the Director of Technical Services. Only Technical staff who have been themselves trained and demonstrated competency to train others are involved in the delivery of this training. Once training has been delivered, it is logged by Technical Staff upon the relevant School Teams sites for Health and Safety.



Before requesting any face-to-face Induction training, please ensure you have undertaken the Health and Safety checklist with the School’s HSC.

Please select from the following Laboratory Inductions which are available to book:


     Chemistry building                    Harry Nursten building

     HLS building                                   Hopkins building