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Alice Tordoff's story

Alice Tordoff

I originally joined Technical Services in the Chemistry Stores around September 2019 and worked there for a year before I saw there was an opening in Technical Services in the Film, Theatre and Television (FTT) Department. I applied to change roles because my background was in Film & Theatre and I have a deep love of Media. It felt amazing when I got the position as a Trainee Support Technician because it meant I was back working in an area which I always wanted to be in. Technical Services were incredibly supportive of my change in roles which made the transition so much easier, especially as it happened in 2020 when the pandemic was happening. Since transferring to FTT, I've been able to get further training in things like lighting and editing so that I can better help teaching our students throughout their time here, and I'm very grateful for all the encouragement to continue to improve.

As a Neurodivergent (ADHD) individual it's wonderful to work in a place so understanding and considerate of my needs and difficulties.

I’m part of the University LGBT+ Network, which is great for meeting other people in the university’s LGBT+ community who are like me. For shorthand I’d describe myself as Queer and on the Asexual Spectrum. The longer version is I am Pansexual/Gray-Asexual, Demi-romantic & Polyamorous.  In 2022 I was part of the Technical Services Self-Assessment team for our successful Athena Swan application.