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Bilge Yerdelen's story

Bilge Yerdelen

I joined the University in March 2023 as a Health and Safety Coordinator in Technical Services, and I am supporting the School of Agriculture, Policy and Development and School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences. I have been working as a Safety Professional for over 13 years and gained diverse experience in various industries such as FMCG, logistics, IT and higher education. In 2017, I visited from Turkey and collaborated with Imperial London College and University of York under the Erasmus Program. This inspiring opportunity allowed me to broaden my perspective, obtain international experience and intercultural exchange. From then on, my aspiration was to work at a University in the UK. 

In 2022, I saw a Technical Services Health and Safety Co-ordinator role advertised and I felt that this job was a perfect match for me in terms of my background, qualifications and expectations. I carried out some research about the University and Technical Services. I was impressed by the University's rich history and beautiful campus. I could see that a great adventure was waiting for me and my family, so I gathered up my courage and applied, and was accepted, for the job in November 2022. With the support of my family, I was able to make the decision to start a new life and career. So, my journey at Reading began in March 2023. 

From day one, my teammates and other colleagues in Technical Services have been welcoming and warm towards me. They were, and are, very helpful in work and daily life related matters. I think it is a great opportunity for me to work with a large and expert team. My Manager, who empathised with me, supported me to have a smooth transition.

Now, I am almost settled in my home and workplace. My working environment, which is in harmony with nature, couldn't be better. I recharge every time I walk across the campus. I look forward to continuing to work together with my colleagues in Technical Services. I feel so grateful and happy in an inclusive and supportive environment.