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Soil & The Past

Soil & The Past theme seeks to examine the cultural archive of past human activity and environments recorded within soils. This includes reconstructing past environments to examine the relationship between ancient civilisations and their environment and food security through 'deep time'.




Current PhD Projects

  • Architecture and urbanisation in Cyprus: local and regional innovation in materials, technology and social representation (Marialucia Amadio)
  • Prehistoric avian, mammalian and H sapiens footprint-tracks from intertidal sediments as evidence of human (Kirsten Barr)
  • Archaeological and palaeoenvironmental application of geophysics and hydrogeochemistry to lowland wetlands in the UK, Ireland and France (Christine Bunting)
  • Micromorphological investigation of early animal management in the Central Zagros of Iraq and Iran (Sarah Elliott)
  • Investigating Neolithic Ecology and Settlement Networks: Integrated Micro-Contextual Analysis of Buildings and Open Areas at Çatalhöyük, Boncuklu and Pınarbaşı (Central Anatolia) (Aroa Garcia-Suarez)
  • Contextual analysis of Bronze Age networks in Cyprus and Bahrain, including pXRF analysis of stone artefacts (Helen McGauran)
  • The Lands of Nairi: social and material culture networking among the communities of Eastern Anatolia during the late Bronze and Iron Ages (Guido Guarducci)
  • The Ubaid household: economy and society (Ingrid Iversen)
  • From Archaeological Sediments to Human Practice: a comparative geoarchaeological study of open areas in Neolithic Greece (Georgia Koromila)
  • Neolithic and Bronze Age settlement histories and microstratigraphy in Greece (Stella Kyrillidou)
  • Neotropical climate, vegetation, and fire histories on local to regional scales. (funded by Univ. Utah, USA). (Shira Maezumi)
  • The application of non-pollen palynomorphs to archaeological and geological archives in NW Italy (Lionello Morandi)
  • Gound Stone Assemblage from Testansur, Iraqi Kurdistan: Economic and Social Implications (David Mudd)
  • Archaeology, geoarchaeology and palaeohydrology of the River Walbrook, London (Stephen Myers)
  • Amazonia and the 6K Drought (Heather Plumpton)
  • Environmental history and archaeology of SE England during the Mesolithic (Michael Simmonds)
  • Amazonia under mid-Holocene drought (Richard Smith)
  • Archaeology, palaeohydrology and palaeoclimatology of lowland wetlands in central Ireland (Philip Stastney)
  • Land Snail Middens in the Late Pleistocence and Early Holocene in North Africa: a Case Study from Taforalt (Grotte des Pegeons), Morocco. (Victoria Taylor)
  • Climate and environmental change in southern England during the last Millennium (Sarah Thoma)
  • Tephrochronology of the western Mediterranean (Kathryn Turner)
  • Environmental impact of the geoglyph-building culture in SW Amazonia. (funded by AHRC) (Jenny Watling)
  • Integrating archaeological data and Precision Farming data to enhance the recording and management of buried heritage assets and improve understanding of soil variation in the UK (Henry Webber)
  • Archaeobotany and early agriculture in the Middle East (Jade Whitlam)
  • Archaeology, vegetation succession and palaeoclimatology of lowland wetlands in central Ireland (Daniel Young)

Current Research Projects