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Vitaliy Khutoryanskiy

  • Chair of Chemistry and Pharmacy building Joint Technicians and Academics Group (JTAG)
  • Director of Physicochemical, Ex Vivo and Invertebrate Tests and Analysis Centre (PEVITAC,
  • Manager for laboratories 169 and LG3 in Chemistry and Pharmacy building

Areas of interest

  • Polymers for pharmaceutical applications
  • Mucoadhesive drug delivery systems
  • Transmucosal drug delivery (ocular, nasal, oral, intravesical and vaginal)
  • Water-soluble and amphiphilic polymers
  • Hydrogels, biomaterials & polymeric blends
  • Functionalised nanoparticles (polymers, silica, gold)
  • Stimuli-responsive polymers
  • Invertebrate in vivo models in evaluation of toxicity and biological activities of chemicals and formulations (planaria and slugs)


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