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Francesco Tamagnini

Francesco Famagnini

Areas of interest

I am a neurophysiologist. My research is focused on the characterization of functional correlates of dementia. My lab work is complemented by my teaching experience and public outreach commitment.

  • Characterization of epileptic-like single cell membrane excitability alterations and synaptic plasticity impairments in the temporal lobe of mouse models of dementia.
  • Characterization of electrophysiological maturity of stem-cell derived neurons grown onto 2D (e.g. diamond) and 3D (e.g. designed hydrogels) substrates.
  • Development and validation of computer-based models of neuronal function.
  • Development of non-invasive, EEG-based diagnostic and prognostic tools for Alzheimer's disease.

My outreach commitment is aimed at two main objectives:

  1. Raise awareness on Alzheimer's and dementia, while describing the fascinating machinery of the brain and its role in high cognitive functions.
  2. Promote an informed debate on animal research with a focus on its ethical, legislative and practical aspects.

Research centres and groups

School of Pharmacy, Pharmacology Group


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