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Searching for a journal

If you have a reference for a journal article, search Enterprise for the title of the journal the article was published in.

  1. Type in the title of the journal your article was published in, not the title of the article
  2. Click on Search
  3. If your search also retrieves books you can exclude these by selecting "Journal" from the Format limits on the left of the screen.

Note - if you are only interested in online access to the article, you might find it quicker to search Summon instead of Enterprise. Just search for the title of article on Summon.


To find this article:

Basil Tuckera, B. and Parker, L. (2014) 'In our ivory towers? The research-practice gap in management accounting'. Accounting and Business Research, 44(2), pp.104-143.

  1. Type in: accounting and business research
  2. Click on Search

Search results

If your search finds more than one match it will give you a list of all the titles. You may see two records for the same journal, for example:

If the title has a computer icon underneath, this is the online version. The other entry (with a green book icon underneath) is for our printed volumes.

Finding out which volumes we have


To find out if the volume you need is available online, click on the link to "Click here to check online coverage and to access available volumes". This will link you to our E-journals Finder and display details of the years available and give you a link to the journal’s website, for example:

This shows that we have access to volumes from 1982 to June 2010 in Business Source Complete. ProQuest Central gives access to volumes from 1987-1999 and 2006-2010. Volumes from 1997 to the present day are available via Taylor & Francis. Click on the link to the site that holds the year you need. To access the article we want from 2014 we would click on the link to Taylor & Francis Online.

In print

To find out if we have the volume you need in print in the Library click on record for our printed holdings (the first one in the example above). The record will show you which volumes we hold eg:

In this example, our subscription for the printed journal runs from 1970 to 2015. If we were still subscribing to this journal there would be a dash/hyphen after the first year, eg "Vol. 1 (1970/71)-". We are just missing a couple of issues (volume 7 issue 28, and volume 40 issue 5) of this title.

Finding journals in the Library

When you click on the title of the journal you will see details of the location of the printed volumes. Possible locations include:

Borrowing journals

You can borrow journals from the Library. For more information see Borrowing journals.

Searching for e-journals

To limit your results just to e-journals, when viewing your results select "Online" from the Access limits on the left of the screen.

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