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From Uzbekistan to Reading

As an international student, Javokhir has thrown himself into studying at Reading. Driven by a desire to contribute to positive change both globally and in his home country of Uzbekistan, Javokhir discovered the BSc Agricultural Business Management with International Foundation Year that would enable him to succeed.

“I chose Agricultural Business Management because my future career aspirations are rooted in sustainable development. Coming from a nation rich in resources and opportunities, I am passionate to learn how to leverage the agriculture sector’s strengths, while making a meaningful impact on environmental sustainability, social equity, and economic prosperity.

I felt the knowledge and skills I’d gain from studying agricultural business management at Reading would put me in an excellent position to do this”.

For Javokhir, after researching his options, Reading was his destination of choice for several reasons.

“I chose the University of Reading due to the reputation and ranking of the School of Agriculture, Policy and Development in agriculture. Also, the campus' beautiful green areas that provide a perfect study environment, and the proximity to London offering great professional and cultural opportunities, were very attractive. I was also impressed by Reading’s strong dedication to addressing global challenges like climate change and its commitment to sustainability on campus.”

Field trips and industry opportunities

Javokhir has really enjoyed all the field trips embedded in the Agricultural Business Management course so far.

“The field trips have provided me with the opportunity to visit different agricultural lands and businesses across the south of England, and speak with experienced industry professionals, learning directly from them - which is invaluable for me learning about different agricultural systems. Plus, getting to be up close with some farm animals on these visits has been a delightful bonus!”

Through the School, Javokhir heard about an opportunity to attend a prestigious event in London that was too good to miss. 

“I attended the ‘City Food & Drink Lecture 2024’, where the CEO from Sainsbury’s shared his expertise and perspectives on current issues in the food industry - it was a great experience for networking.”

Model United Nations and sports

Outside of his studies Javokhir has become actively involved in extracurricular activities that have enriched his university experience and provided opportunities for personal growth and development.

“I'm a member of the Reading University ‘Model of United Nations’, where I enjoy engaging in the weekly discussions on various global topics, broadening my perspectives and enhancing my critical thinking skills to complement my studies. I've explored sports too, such as kickboxing to maintain physical fitness and fencing, which has challenged me mentally and physically, improving my focus and agility.”

A multicultural environment – the true highlight

At the end of two years at Reading, Javokhir reflects on one aspect of his university experience that stands out most, and that is the multicultural environment that Reading has offered. 

“It's been incredible to see so many students and staff from different backgrounds coming together, sharing ideas, and forming meaningful connections. This diversity enhances the overall university experience for me. I'm truly proud of the meaningful connections I've made and the people I've surrounded myself with.”

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