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Dr Jake Bishop


Areas of interest

My research on plant-environment interactions combines physiology and ecology with the aim of improving agricultural productivity and sustainability in a changing climate. My group uses diverse approaches including experimentation in the field and in controlled environments, mathematical modelling, data-analyses, and data synthesis.

Postgraduate supervision

PhD Students

  • Arisede Chisaka. Addressing the challenge of combined heat and drought stress for cereal production. Primary supervisor. BBSRC DTP FoodBioSystems CASE with Syngenta.
  • Caitlin McLaughlin. Maximising the environmental benefits of gardens through optimal planting choices and understanding of occupants' engagement. Primary supervisor. BBSRC DTP SCENARIO CASE with Royal Horticultural Society.
  • Anisa Aubin. An empirical, data driven, model for wheat cultivars and optimisation for future climate scenarios. Co-supervisor. Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board.

Completed PhD Students

  • Dr Stuart Edwards. Pests, plants and parasitoids: how does climate variability affect tri-trophic interactions in apple orchards? (2017-2022, Primary Supervisor)
  • Dr Richard Gantlett. High biomass rotation and its impacts on soil health, weed burden and crop production (2014-2021, Co-supervisor) 
  • Dr Caroline Harkness. Optimising agriculture for a changing climate: which farming practices confer stability of food production and farm income? (2018-2022, Primary supervisor)

Research projects

Current projects:

  • Raising the Pulse: systems analysis of the environmental, nutritional and health benefits of pulse-enhanced foods. I am responsible for coordinating work on systems modelling and work understanding sources of yield variability in faba bean and interactions with pollinating insects. UKRI Transforming Food Systems (2022-2025, Co-I, WP5 lead)
  • Future farms: redesigning crop landscapes. I am providing expertise in crop-climate interactions. The project aims to improve advice for farmers about climate change risks and environmental impacts of crop production. STFC Food Network+ (2022-2023, Co-I)

Recent projects:

  • Simfarm2030: optimising wheat cultivar selection in a changing climate. I provided expertise on crop-climate interactions in a project that developed a model for existing and new UK wheat cultivars in response to current and future climate conditions. STFC Food Network+ (2019, PI)
  • Developing a network to improve productivity and nutritional value of Kenyan grain amaranth. I provided crop science expertise in a project that collected preliminary data on genetic and environmental factors affecting grain amaranth production and nutritional value. Funded by GCRF (2018-2019, Co-I)
  • Postdocs: Dr Simone Pfuderer. Postdoc for Raising the Pulse, work package 5.

Professional bodies/affiliations

Professional activities:

  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Early Career Champion for Association of Applied Biologists and member of specialist group for Cropping and the Environment