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Jess wragg

Choosing Reading

After Jessica Wragg completed her undergraduate studies at Reading, she was looking for a programme that allowed her to learn more about the ancient civilisations from which today's society has stemmed.

"When I decided to study a master's degree, I chose MA Classics and Ancient History because it always amazes me that people everywhere and 'everywhen' are always just people, and it is so important to study our past.

"I always wanted to study the older civilisations: archaic Greece, Egypt and Mesopotamia. Reading is one of the few places that cover those areas in depth without them being the precise focus of the degree."  

Tailored postgraduate study

Right from the start, Jessica was able to have input into what she studied on her MA Classics and Ancient History, and follow her interests.

"The highlight is how much the course is built around you. Before you even start the course, you fill out a questionnaire of how much you already know and which areas you would really like to learn about, so you actually get to help with the building of the Approaches module.

"You pick what you want to study in Special Options too, so there’s a sense that your degree is custom built for you.

"I also chose Reading because the language study is in addition to the Special Options modules, and it’s really important to me to understand ancient texts in their original language. Having it as a separate part of the degree means I know the department values language as much as I do." 

An incredibly supportive department

Jessica felt supported by the Department and her fellow students throughout her studies. She grew in confidence while overcoming challenges, and feels ready for the next step.

"Overall, I’ve learnt that the hard work is absolutely worth it. When you’ve got the support of the department and the people on your course, it does lighten the load. I feel more confident in my work and my ideas, and I feel more prepared for further life, whether I wanted to continue studying and do a doctorate or go into a different job.  

"I would absolutely recommend the Department of Classics. They’ve been incredibly supportive of me. Whenever I’ve had difficulties during the year, they’ve responded quickly and helpfully. I applied for a summer school and they wrote a reference for me.

"I did my undergraduate degree in Reading too, and the department helped me through some difficult times, so I know I can rely on them. I feel I’ve done as well as I have this year because the department has stood behind me every step of the way."

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