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Dr Andrew Fox

Andrew Fox

Assessments Officer;

CL1RH and CL3RNW convenor;

CL1L1, CL1G1, CL2CGH, CL2RO taught

Building location

Edith Morley

Areas of interest

Rome, circa 100 BCE to 100 CE; Architecture; Art; Environmental Humanities; Latin Literature; Roman Gaul.


I began my journey into the ancient world through literature, reciting a passage from Macbeth in Epidauros and managing to find entertainment in a truly awful amateur dramatic performance of Euripides’ Hecuba (one review identified Odysseus as being ‘more wooden than the stage’). Literature was where I planned to stay until a happy accident led to me falling down the rabbit hole of ancient history, beginning with a five-minute presentation on a tree at the start of my Masters’ and culminating in my first book, Trees in Ancient Rome, based on my PhD thesis and written during lockdown.

My research now covers nature across the ancient world, and environmental pollution within Roman cities. Pollution is not a new problem, and Romans dealt with it in much the same way, introducing zoning in their cities, building flexible spaces, and planting trees to absorb emissions as well as reduce noise. These are new and exciting areas in Classics, and I join my research up with science as much as possible, a habit developed from the early days of my tree projects, where I was consistently asked details about the trees I had only seen on the page at that time.

Academic qualifications

BA (Hons) Latin;

MA Classical Literature;

PhD in Classics 

Professional bodies/affiliations

I am also currently an Early Career Research Associate at the Institute of Classical Studies, University of London.

Selected publications

(2016) The Roman Trees Database,


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