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Dr Andrew Russell

Dr Andrew Russell, Lecturer in Organic Chemistry
  • Lecturer in Organic Chemistry
  • School Director of Academic Tutoring (SDAT)
  • Department Director of Academic Tutoring.



Building location


Areas of interest

Dr Russell's research centres upon synthetic methodology and natural products synthesis. Thermal cycloaddition reactions are being employed to synthesise AI-77-B, whilst photochemical methods are being used in approaches to stemodin, aphidicolin, fortamine and conduramine E.

Asymmetric alkene-arene meta-photocycloadditions are being developed whilst chiral citrates have been developed for the syntheses of homocitrate, rhizoferrin and the side chains of homoharringtonine and anhydroharringtonine.

He headed the development of a Chemical Analysis Facility that encompasses laboratories for nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), mass spectrometry, thermal analysis, molecular spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction.

Research centres and groups

Dr Russell is part of the Biomedical, Molecular and Analytical Chemistry research group.

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