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Dr Bob Froud-Williams


Weed Biology & Weed Control
Technology of Weed Control for Horticulture
Weed Management
Weed Ecology
Agriculture and the Environment
Crop Protection

Research Interests:
Integrated Weed Management
Crop-Weed Interactions
Population Dynamics and Weed Demography
Field Margin Management
Mediterranean Agriculture
Ecological Genetics
Weed Seed Biology

Collaborative Links:
IACR Rothamsted, ADAS Boxworth, Game Conservancy, Allerton Research & Educational Trust, The Northmoor Trust, Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester, Elm Farm Research Centre, International Institute for Tropical Agriculture, International Institute of Biological Control, Agricultural Research Institute, Cyprus, Technological Education Institute, Greece, Tea Research Institute, Sri Lanka.

Current research projects:
Genetic diversity in annual weed species
Varietal selection for enhanced weed suppression.
Biology & integrated control of red rice
Weed seed predation by beneficial invertebrates
Weed seed predation by farmland birds
Impact of integrated farming systems on arable weeds.
Population dynamics of Lolium spp.

Pre 2003

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Froud-Williams, R.J. A biological framework for developing a weed management support system for weed control in winter wheat. Proc. Brighton Crop Prot. Conf., - Weeds, 1999, 747-752.


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