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University of Salford

Dr Graham S McDonald

Lecturer, Joule Physics Lab, University of Salford

The University of Salford offers a variety of degree programmes in physics: either as a stand-alone subject, or physics coupled with a set of specialist options reflecting individual interests. Options include Space Technology, Aviation Studies and Acoustics. Students study for three years for a Batchelor of Science with Honours degree, or for four years for an advanced Master of Physics degree. Programmes are also offered that enable students to study for a year at an American or European University. A highly successful Foundation Year permits widening access to physics, while a pioneering Pure and Applied Physics degree enables direct entry to Level One (without restricting final choice of course) for students that have not attained a full A-Level in mathematics.

Dr McDonald has considerable experience of teaching mathematics to physics students, through delivery of all core mathematics courses at Levels One and Two and additional classes in support of the Pure and Applied Physics degree. A wide range of resources has been developed that has allowed Salford students to achieve averages approaching 70% in all mathematics courses. A number of these resources are being delivered as PPLATO support materials.

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