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Project Brief

Promoting Physics Learning And Teaching Opportunities (PPLATO)

FDTL4 Project Number 159/02    Term    3 years from November 2002

PPLATO is a Consortium project led by the University of Reading with Brunel University, Open University, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, University of Plymouth and University of Salford.  It addresses two key issues facing the physics HE community - teaching mathematics to physics undergraduates and widening participation in undergraduate physics.  PPLATO will survey and evaluate current practice in these areas, developing and disseminating an extensive range of new resources and good practice, building on previous successful developments and experiences.  These will be free or at nominal cost to the sector.  Project outcomes are expected to be improved student competence in mathematics and physics and wider participation and improved retention in undergraduate physics.

New resources will include flexible materials for teaching, diagnostics, assessment and tutorial support, with effective strategies for their use.  A generic Foundation Year programme for entry into physics and engineering degree courses will be developed and made available to the sector electronically.  A key feature of the conduct of the project will be the close liaison with the sector throughout, establishing what is currently being done and seeking a consensus approach to the problems and a sharing of resources.  Implementation Sites for developmental use of the emerging PPLATO resources will be sought so that evaluation, reflection and response will characterise the project.  Institutions wishing to take part in this undertaking and to have access to the developing resources should contact the Project Director, Mike Tinker.

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