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Brunel University


Martin Greenhow                Daniel Nichols

Department of Mathematical Sciences, Brunel University

The Department of Mathematical Sciences at Brunel University has strengths in research (RAE scores of 5 in Applied maths and 4 in OR) and teaching (22/24 for the last TQA). We run a range of traditional mathematics BSc courses, teach service mathematics and host the faculty’s Foundations of Science and Foundations of IT programmes. We feel we can bring much of this experience to the PPLATO project, especially in the area of objective testing of mathematics via computers. Dr Greenhow has lead several CAL projects in the past and, together with final year project students (notably Dan Nichols, now doing a PhD in this area), has over the last decade developed Mathletics (see refs 1, 2 & 3). This forms the technical and pedagogic starting point for the writing and integration of new, web-based tests within PPLATO (see ref 4).  Making these tests versatile, reliable and valid is essential, and of particular concern are issues of accessibility such as screen readability.

1.         Setting objective tests in mathematics with QM Designer” Maths, Stats and OR, LTSN Newsletter, Feb 2000.

            Available on  http://ltsn.mathstore.ac.uk/newsletter/feb2000/pdf/qmdesqn.pdf

2.            Answer Files --- What more do they reveal?”

            Available on http://ltsn.mathstore.ac.uk/articles/maths-caa-series/jan2002/index.shtml

3.            “Mathletics diagnostic tests” in “Diagnostic testing for Mathematics” LTSN MathTEAM publication ISBN 07044 23731, 2003.

4.         “Using Question Mark Perception v3 for testing mathematics” MSOR Connections Volume 2, Number 3: Aug 2002. with D Nichols

            Available on http://ltsn.mathstore.ac.uk/newsletter/vol2.shtml#no3

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