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University of Plymouth


Dr Robin Horan           Dr Martin Lavelle 

Particle Theory Group, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Plymouth, PL4 8AA.

Plymouth was one of five universities shortlisted by the Sunday Times in 2002 for its University of the Year award. We are members of the Particle Theory Group which is based in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Our research is in theoretical particle physics. The University runs a broad range of degree courses, has many partner colleges and provides various access courses in science and technology. Our Department is a key provider of mathematical education in these areas and we have a great deal of experience in teaching mathematics at many different levels.  Additionally our group is very interested in public outreach activities including talks and exhibitions.

Plymouth’s contribution to PPLATO will consist of packages to support student learning of mathematics. These will be at an introductory level and on a variety of topics. This extends previous work which was a development project of LTSN Physical Sciences.

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