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The University is pleased to announce the launch of a new Co-Wheels car club car on campus for September 2016. 

The car is based at Dunsden Crescent in Park Group halls so it's very handy for students in Halls to use, but open to all staff and students. Co-wheels also have further cars around Reading, including on Addington Road.

Anyone with a year's clean driving licence can sign up as a member of Co-Wheels and hire the car by the hour.

They have some amazing introductory offers for staff and students, including no membership fee and £10 free credit on the account when you sign up with your university email address.

For more information see  

Car clubs are a great sustainable initiative allowing people to make the journeys they need to by car without having to own one. Most cars spend much more time parked than being driven which takes up valuable streetspace. Sign up to a car club today to give it a go.


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