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Employee Self Service

Employee Self Service allows you direct access to the University's Human Resources record of your own important personal and job details.

For convenience you can update some of this information yourself and you can also make direct bookings on to internal training courses, or view your payslip online.

The link below will take you to the login screen where you will need to use your University username and password. 

                Employee Self Service login


Please note that Employee Self Service is now available both on and off campus.

Employee Self Service is available through the following supported web browsers: For Windows operating systems Internet Explorer 9+, Mozilla FireFox 33+ or Google Chrome 38+ and for Apple Macintosh Safari 7+ is supported. It is also available from mobile devices using Android 4+, Apple IOS 7+ and Blackberry OS 6+. Other browsers may work but this cannot be guaranteed.

Your Personal Information

Your personal information is created, stored and transmitted securely in a variety of paper and electronic formats by the University in accordance with the University's Data Protection Policy and the wider provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998 and related legislation. You can check your record at any time by logging into Employee Self Service. By doing this, you ensure your details are accurate, up-to-date and complete. Employee Self-Service is available from anywhere (not just on campus) and can be accessed using your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Access to your personal information is limited to employees who have a legitimate University purpose. For example - contacting you if you are not at the workplace, recruitment processes, DBS checks, equality and diversity monitoring and providing information returns (this list is not exhaustive). Access to, and the sharing of, this information is controlled very carefully. When reporting on our employees (for example, the annual data return to HESA - Higher Education Statistics Agency), only aggregate data is presented so that your individual data is protected.

There may be times that data is used in conjunction with an external provider to provide services to you as a University employee (e.g. Staff Survey, a salary sacrifice provider, online DBS disclosures.) This list is not exhaustive and we will endeavour to update this notice when other suppliers are added to ensure we are being fair to you.

People Manager

The HR Department give access to nominated Administrators in Schools and Departments to a system called People Manager. Training is given to those nominated before access is given and once they can access the system, they are able to view:

  • Personal details
  • Contact telephone numbers
  • Key working dates (when you commencing employment, when you changed jobs)
  • Your qualifications and professional memberships
  • Training courses you have attended
  • Staff Development Review dates
  • Absence history - categorising it as either sickness, maternity, paternity, adoption and unpaid leave and displaying the number of days taken.

Queries and further information

If you have any queries about how your data is used or the application of the Data Protection Act, please contact Information Management & Policy Services (IMPS) on

Under the Data Protection Act you have a right to a copy of the data held by the University.

If you do not want personal information relating to you being available to other University employees or you wish to correct an inaccuracy in the data collected about you, please log into Employee Self-Service in the first instance.

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