Research Projects

Several colleagues are working on, or have recently completed, externally funded research projects:

THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN, funded by Erasmus+webbyeuerasmusflag

Building on their earlier Nuffield Foundation research project, Louise Courtney and Suzanne Graham are working with 10 partners from four European countries to support the learning and teaching of foreign languages at primary school level. They will be developing a computer game that can be used as an assessment tool for primary languages in schools, called "The Language Magician". The game will be fun for learners, build on their language and IT-skills and provide information on their language progression. It will support teachers by giving them a tool to assess their pupils' abilities using non-threatening testing methods.

THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN is a strategic partnership project supported by the EU under the programme Erasmus+  

Further details can be found at the project website: THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN

Dr Berry Billingsley: The Nature-Nurture narrative and other explanatory models of human behaviour in the Humanities curriculum for secondary schools in England. Funded by the Uses and Abuses of Biology Grants Programme, organised by The Faraday Institute, St Edmund's College, Cambridge and the Templeton World Charity Foundation (2012-2013)

Dr Berry Billingsley: LASAR (Learning about Science and Religion). Funded by the John Templeton Foundation (2009-2012) Faraday Schools

Dr Carol Fuller: Outdoor Learning and impact on educational attainment and engagement. Funded by the Society for Educational Studies.

Professor Suzanne Graham, Professor Theo Marinis, Dr Alan Tonkyn, and Dr Louise Courtney: Primary Modern Languages: the impact of teaching approaches on attainment and preparedness for secondary school language learning. Funded by the Nuffield Foundation(2012-2014). 

Professor Suzanne Graham and the University of Oxford: Professional Development Consortium in Modern Languages. Funded by the ESRC (2012-2013). PDC in MFL

Professor Suzanne Graham and Dr Denise Santos: Second language listening comprehension in England: from current practice to improved pedagogy. Funded by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation (2010-2012).

Dr Alan Floyd and Dr Carol Fuller: Leadership development in a Small Island Developing State: the Jamaican context. Funded by BELMAS (2012).

Dr Alan Floyd (with Tash Kahn-Davis and Dilly Fung, University of Exeter). Investigating the newly formed role of "Academic Lead" at a research-led university. Funded by The Leadership Foundation for Higher Education (2012)

Dr Ellie Francis-Brophy and Dr Carol Fuller: Community cohesion. Funded by Slough Borough Council. (2010 - 2012)

Professor Jeanine Treffers-Daller (with Sarah Brewer, Pat Parslow, John Slaght and Shirley Williams, University of Reading): Automated assessment of lexical diversity and n-gramns in essays of takers of the Pearson Test of English Academic. Funded by Pearson Education Ltd

Professor Viv Edwards and Dr Daguo Li: The impact of training on the classroom practice of Chinese teachers of English. British Council English Language Teaching Research Award, 2010.

Professor Paul Croll: Children's Perspectives on the Value of Education: a study of early orientations to school Funded by the ESRC (2007-2008)

Professor Viv Edwards and Uma Kambhampati: Interdisciplinary perspectives on African language materials for children Funded by Leverhulme (2008-2010)

Professor Andy Goodwyn: ICT pedagogic expertise. Funded by BECTA (2008-2009). BECTa Project Brief

Tony Macfadyen, Carol Fuller and 14-19 Research Group:

  • a) Investigation into Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) provided for Year 11 students regarding their post-16 options. Funded by Progress South Central/Reading Borough Council (08/08/08- Summer 09)
  • b) An ethnographic study of students studying vocational courses in Further Education. Funded by Progress South Central (08/08/08- Summer 09)
  • c) The experiences of non-traditional Higher Education students in a traditional University setting. Funded by Progress South Central (2011-2012).

Dr John Oversby: History and Philosophy for Science Teaching. Funded by the European Commission (Summer 2008-31/01/ 2010). For more information please see HIPST_Brief (.DOC, 25Kb)


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