Staff Profile:

Dr Billy Wong
Job Title:
Lecturer in Widening Participation


University Responsibilities:

  • Access and Participation Committee (APC)
  • Member of the Reading Scholars Advisory Board (RSAB)
  • Member of Diversity and Inclusion Community of Practice (DICOP)
  • Member of Cultural Diversity Group

Institute of Education Responsibilities:

  • Undergraduate and postgraduate teaching                    
  • MA, EdD and PhD supervisions                                           
  • Research
  • Diversity and inclusion champion


  • BA Education Studies
  • Qualitative research methods
  • Research supervision
Areas of Interest:

Expertise and Research Interest:

  • Sociology of Education
  • Higher Education
  • Social Mobility, Justice and Inequalities (e.g. of gender, class and ethnicity)
  • Education and career aspirations of young people
  • Science, computing and digital education (and wider STEM education)

Current and Recent PhD and EdD Students, with Topics/Titles of their Research:

  • Amanda Cockayne (with Prof Elizabeth McCrum): What are the benefits, challenges and barriers for school based ITT/NQT mentors? How can mentors be effectively supported?
  • Peter Jeffreys (with Dr Yota Dimitriadi): How can the use of social media improve parental engagement in primary schools?
  • Eqab Almutairi (with Dr Yota Dimitriadi): Mobile Learning Practices in Kuwaiti Higher Educational Institutions: Examining the integration of mobile apps into teaching to support student engagement, interaction and learning
  • Steven Galliford (with Dr Holly Joseph): What are the current attendance patterns at class and the behaviours of students in relation to Moodle amongst postgraduate (PGT) students at a post 1992 UK University?
  • Ismail Karaoz (with Dr Geoff Taggart): The affordances of technology in second/foreign language learning for learner autonomy
  • Maha Al-yousef (with Prof Gill Crozier): The role of higher education in developing female students’ social and cultural identities: A case study of one university in Saudi Arabia (University of Roehampton)
  • Myrto Nikolopoulou (with Dr Marie-Pierre Moreau): Young people’s social media online practices in Greece: Developing identities online and shaping future aspirations (University of Roehampton)
  • Peter Kemp (with Prof Debbie Epstein): Learning pathways for digital creativity (University of Roehampton)

Current and Recent Research Projects:

  • Student Experiences in STEM degrees (SESTEM) (2018-2021), PI, funded by University of Reading (
  • ‘Mapping the characteristics of the ‘ideal’ student at university’ (2017-2019), PI, funded by the British Academy/Leverhulme Trust (with T. Chiu, Imperial College London) -
  • Youth Engagement Initiative (2018), PI, funded by the Institute of Physics
  • Mini-Police at Reading (2018), PI (with T. Walters, Thames Valley Police)
  • ‘The state of computing education in England’ (2016-ongoing) – with P. Kemp & M. Berry (University of Roehampton)
  • ‘Higher education: Views of lecturers toward student’ (2016-2017), PI, funded by Santander
  • ‘Digitally-skilled young people and their aspirations’ (2015-2016) - with P. Kemp (University of Roehampton), funded by Google CS4HS

Past projects:

  • ‘A review of social mobility’ (funded by ASCL, with B. Francis)
  • ‘Enterprising Science’ (funded by BP, with L. Archer et al)
  • ‘ASPIRES’ (funded by ESRC, with L. Archer et al)
  • ‘A review of informal science learning’ (funded by Wellcome Trust, with J. Falk et al)

For further information:

Research groups / Centres:
  • Improving Equity and Inclusion through Education
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