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Dr Naomi Flynn
Job Title:
Associate Professor
  • Impact Lead for the Institute of Education
  • Co-Director Bilingualism Matters@Reading
  • Co-convenor Language and Literacy in Education Research Group.
  • Doctoral research supervision.
  • Teaching modules for pre-service and in-service teachers related to Primary school English education and the teaching of children with English as an additional language (EAL).
  • BA Education Studies module Multilingualism and Education
  • EdD module Professionalism and an Ethic of Care
Areas of Interest:

Expertise and Research Interest:

  • Pedagogy for multilingual learners in primary schools.
  • Effective teachers of English and the nature of the curriculum for English.
  • Teachers' responses to differences (linguistic and cultural/national).
  • Bourdieuian analysis.
  • Grounded Theory.

Masters, PhD and EdD Level Supervision offered in these areas:

  • As outlined above in expertise and research interests.

Current and Recent Doctoral Students, with Topics/Titles of their Research:

  • Sarah Coles (PhD, University of Reading Wilkie-Calvert Funded) - An exploration of the language-learning journeys of UK-born children with English as an Additional Language
  • Anna Farleigh (EdD) – English Literature teachers' perceptions of English Literature.
  • Deborah Hickman (EdD) - Who are the readers in the room? Secondary school perceptions of reading: a constructivist grounded theory study of secondary school reader identities, spaces and practices
  • Kate Lloyd (EdD) – Teaching English to vocational learners.
  • Sheikha Majid - English to Malay and back again: An analysis of lecturers’ code mixing in tertiary English classrooms
  • Keltoum Mansouri (PhD) - Research into practice: Implementing strategy-instruction and metacognition in the teaching of EFL listening. The case of Algerian university teachers and students
  • Helen Norris (PhD, University of Reading funded) - Children’s Learning of Grammar at KS2
  • Tom Oyunge (PhD) - Examining Teacher’s Perception, practices and Integration of ICTs in secondary school teaching in Kenya.
  • Debra Page (PhD) (ESRC funded) - The Young Interpreters Scheme: Linguistic features of peer-to-peer input and educational experience of participation
  • Steve Rutherford (EdD) – Students’ self-mediated learning activity
  • Ruth Samuel (EdD)- Teachers and reflective practice in India.

Completed Doctorates

  • Marnie Seymour (University of Winchester PhD) - Primary Foreign Languages: Beginning teachers’ narratives of vision and practice
  • Olwen Wright (University of Winchester EdD) - An exploration of non-specialist teachers' subject knowledge of English grammar and its relationship with changes in policy and expectation of teachers at KS4.

Current and Recent Research Projects:

  • 2018 -20 Ufton Court Educational Trust & Claycots Primary, Slough (£4,000), PI Carol Fuller, University of Reading
  • 2018 onwards Observations of Pedagogical Excellence of Teachers Across Nations (OPETAN) project member. PI Kara Mitchell-Viesca, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • 2017-18 DfE (£42,000) UoR team member delivering phonics roadshows to schools in southern, central and eastern counties of England
  • 2016 DfE (£11,000) UoR team member working on Phonics Screening Check Review for Standards Testing Agency
  • 2015–16 University of Reading CeLM funded project: After the ‘new migration’: re-examining perceptions and experiences of learning English for Polish children and their primary school teachers.
  • 2014-2015 University of Winchester Research Fellowship, Developing research-informed practice and specialist professional subject knowledge for teaching children with English as an additional language. See
Research groups / Centres:
  • Language and Literacy in Education Research Group
  • Centre for Literacy and Multilingualism (CeLM)
  • Forum for Research in Language and Literacy (FRiLL)

Public Engagement:

Enterprise Activity, External Roles and Consultancy:

  • Board member of Education Futures Collaboration within specific interest in
  • External Examiner to University of Brighton, Doctorate of Education; UCL-Institute of Education, MA in Literacy Learning and Literacy Difficulties
  • Oxford University Press, expert consultant for the teaching of phonics in English Language Teaching contexts
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Conference Presentations:

  • Flynn, N (2018) “The EAL Teaching in England survey: implications for training linguistically responsive teachers”, Symposium paper for Flynn, N., Alisaari, J., & Le-Pichon-Vorstman, E., (2018) Teachers’ practice and subject knowledge for teaching multilingual learners: international perspectives on linguistically responsive pedagogy as a resource for inclusion, ECER International Conference, Free University of Bolzano-Bozen, Italy, September 2018
  • Flynn, N (2017) invited Keynote, “In school I am English, but at home I am Polish: EAL learners’ fluid identities and implications for teachers’ pedagogy”, presented at British Academy workshop on Language, literacy and learning in children who speak English as an additional language (EAL), University of Oxford, St John’s College, September 2017
  • Flynn, N & Curdt-Christiansen, X L (2017) “Intentions versus Enactment: Language Policy and Practice for English Language Learners in England”, paper presented at ECER International conference, University College Copenhagen, August 2017
  • Flynn, N (2017) invited Keynote, “Living with many languages: views from teachers, children and parents in primary schools”, presented at Hampshire Ethnic Minority and Traveller Achievement Service conference, Winchester, July 2017
  • Flynn, N (2016) After the ‘new migration’: Examining perceptions and experiences of teaching English to Polish children in primary schools, Education and Migration: Language Foregrounded Conference, University of Durham, October 2016
  • Flynn, N (2016) Teachers and Researchers Building Subject Knowledge for Teaching English Language Learners: Exploration of Communal Constructivism in an Online Learning Space, ECER 2016 conference, University College Dublin
  • Flynn, N (2015) What Works for EAL? Developing teachers' subject knowledge and research engagement through the use of on-line evidence-based guidance (in symposium, Knowledge mobilisation and translational Research: Building an educational version of NICE through the MESH initiative) BERA Conference, 2015, Queens University, Belfast.
  • Flynn, N (2014)Teachers' habitus for teaching English to EAL Learners (in symposium 'Researching diversity: multilingualism and English literacy in a changed world'), UKLA 50th International Conference ,July 2014, University of Sussex.
  • Flynn, N (2014) The complexity of teachers' subject knowledge for teaching English (in symposium Teachers' subject knowledge for teaching English: Continuity and change'), UKLA 50th International Conference, July 2014, University of Sussex.
  • Flynn, N (2013) Under the invisibility cloak: Positioning policy for the teaching of English as an additional language, BERA September 2013 conference, University of Sussex.
  • Flynn, N (2012) Exploring teachers' subject knowledge for the teaching of English: The inter-relationship of knowing, understanding, believing, policy and practice. Paper presented at BERA September 2012 conference, University of Manchester.
  • Flynn, N (2011) Realities and perceptions for teachers of new migrant children. Paper presented at EARLI biennial conference 2011, University of Exeter.
  • Flynn, N (2010). The response of English primary school teachers to recently arrived Polish children and their families. Paper presented at "Teachers Facing Multicultural Classrooms in the Era of European Migrations in the 21st Century", conference at SWPS University, Warsaw, Poland.
  • Flynn, N (2009). New languages, new professional identity; Exploring teacher response to the arrival of non-English speaking children in previously monolingual UK classrooms, Paper presented at EARLI biennial conference 2009, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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