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Our mission is to embrace equity, diversity, inclusion (EDI) and sustainability in a meaningful and systemic way.

We are committed to building an organisation that fosters a culture of diversity and inclusion in society and the environment.

We are creating an inclusive community that is based on dignity, respect, and accountability, where everyone finds space to be themselves and to realise their potential irrespective of differences in cultural background, race, and ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, identity, beliefs, or skills and abilities.


Mission statement

Our mission is to inspire others by sharing our passion and enthusiasm for the changing world of the Built Environment.

We will work hard to widen participation, recognising the value education can bring, and strive to address inequalities where we find them. We are committed to:

  • creating a safe space of respect and dignity for our staff, students and members of the community
  • educating our communities of staff, students and researchers to be advocates of social justice (related to delivering a socially engaged curriculum in a general manner across the School). We are committed to an ongoing critical reflection on what this actually achieves in practice
  • working with our student community to decolonise our curriculum content, and grow other areas of inclusivity to address and welcome diversity
  • ensure fair and inclusive access to resources, facilities, programmes and services, strengthened by inclusive policies and practices
  • hiring practices to acquire staff from diverse cultures and address any racial disparities in staffing at all levels in the School
  • address intergroup disparities in representation, attainment and continuation, with a focus on intersectionality.

Our mission is constantly evolving. The changing nature of this text demonstrates the School’s commitment to being a fully inclusive and socially driven School.

We remain committed to reflect upon and update our practices in all areas of EDI activities/actions that will need to take place over a defined time scale; from now to the long term.

Athena Swan award

The Athena Swan Charter is a framework used across the globe to support and transform gender equality within higher education and research.

View our action plan for the renewal of our Athena Swan application (PDF-68KB)


How we define EDI and sustainability

  • Equity is defined as the absence of avoidable or remediable differences (social, economic, demographical, or geographical) among groups of people. In other words, it is recognition that some people may face different circumstances and challenges to achieve the same goals.
  • Diversity is creating a culture and practices that recognise, respect, and value the differences between us for everyone’s benefit.
  • Inclusion refers to an individual’s experience within the workplace and in society, and the extent to which they feel valued and included.
  • Sustainability in its most common definition means meeting the needs of the present without compromising the needs of the future. By embracing a diverse community of voices, we are better able to address sustainability challenges within vulnerable communities.
Greater than the sum of parts!
3/8/2023 2:13 PM

A social event organised by Reading University Architecture Society (RUAS), the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Student Partners and staff ally Dr Carolina Vasilikou (SBE co-director of EDI) took place on the 13th of February on the London Road Campus. … Continue reading

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Diversity and Inclusion

At Reading, we want to be the place where everyone can fulfil their full potential. We believe that supporting diversity and inclusion helps us to attract and retain high-quality staff and students.

Our staff

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