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Portrait of Dr David Marshall

Dr David Marshall is an international expert on why public policies are made the way they are, and the role of informal power in policymaking.

His research addresses important questions related to policymaking, such as:

  • How are policy decisions made and implemented?
  • How much influence do businesses and citizens have on public policy?
  • What role did different interest groups play in policy change on issues including mobile phone roaming charges, CO2 emissions standards, and data protection regulations?

Understanding how policies are made

Engaging with decision makers across political systems, David’s research covers 21 countries and uses new interconnected datasets from a wide variety of sources.

His recent book, The Political Influence of Business in the European Union, explains the circumstances that lead to business interests being more or less successful than others. His work contributes to a better understanding of how policy is made and, through this understanding, improves policymaking generally.

David leads the Politics of Public Policy module, during which students learn about the influence of institutions, ideas and interests in policy-making.

Drawing on his research, David encourages students to evaluate why some policy proposals make it onto the political agenda while others never materialise.