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Chloe Butcher’s career has thrived since she graduated with an Master's in Public Policy.  She is now Policy and Partnership Manager for the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners, and also works closely with the National Police Chiefs’ Council to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of national policing and criminal justice programmes.

“I also support the design and delivery of a programme of joint project work that brings together Police and Crime Commissioners and Chief Constables to enable effective collaborative working across policing.”

Clearly flourishing in her fascinating career, Chloe looks back on her time at the University of Reading as both rewarding and intellectually stimulating. The support and engagement provided by Reading’s School of Philosophy, Politics and Economics (SPPE) are key to this: 

“I chose to study Public Policy after my undergraduate Law degree at Reading because I knew I wanted to focus on a policy-related career post-university. What stood out to me most about the course was the modules offered. As someone with a desire to work in policy I felt as though the range of modules would provide me with a well-rounded understanding of public policy. Something that I have found to be true in all my roles since.”


Learning from experts in the field

Being able to engage with key figures and practitioners in the field and learn about the world of politics and international relations directly from those who play a role in it were key to her success.

Chloe was also impressed by the way staff at Reading were unstinting in creating a friendly and supportive environment, vital for productive learning. The academics in SPEIR are dedicated to bringing innovative, exciting and highly memorable learning methods to the table.

“The thing that immediately springs to mind is the Parliamentary Studies module. The group of students spanned both undergraduate and postgraduate, which made for a really interesting dynamic that I thoroughly enjoyed. We had a number of guest speakers join us throughout the year, including MP John Redwood, and a visit to the Houses of Parliament which, as someone with a goal of working in politics, I really enjoyed.

Another highlight would be the opportunity to work with Reading East MP Matt Rodda for two-weeks for my Placement module. I was lucky enough to visit both his constituency and Westminster offices which provided a real insight into both ‘worlds’ of an MP.” 

Building employability prospects

The University of Reading is a vibrant and strong environment, creating a springboard to a fulfilling career in many ways, as Chloe recalls:

“The research I conducted for my dissertation on stop and search has undoubtedly led me to the career I am in now. I interviewed a variety of individuals to understand their perspectives on this police power, and the complexity and diversity of the responses I received interested me so much. To this day, I still engage where I can with issues associated with stop and search, and the role of the Police and Crime Commissioner in representing their communities within the police force is something I find fascinating.” 

Chloe praises the inclusive nature of the community at Reading and how it enabled her to form informal bonds with people from all parts of the world, which was both personally satisfying and important to her professional development.

"The community at Reading extends far beyond doing a degree: help with CV and cover letters, a host of interesting societies, advice when you need it and a generally warm, friendly and engaging attitude at all stages. This is the sort of environment in which students thrive."

 Does Chloe have words of wisdom for students following a similar path to hers?

“Deciding to do my Master's in Public Policy was the best decision I ever made. I still find what I do so interesting and couldn’t see myself doing anything else. The School of Politics, Economics and International Relations at Reading will provide you with so many opportunities both in terms of the modules they teach, the amazing lecturers and the close proximity to London will also be of real benefit to you.”