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Dr Amanda Hall

Photograph of Dr Amanda Hall


Module Convener:

PO1IRS: International Relations and Strategic Studies

PO3ITE: International Terrorism

PIM74: Terrorism in a Globalising World


PO2MUN: Model United Nations 

Areas of interest

I am currently working on my first academic monograph, 'Beyond the Agreement: The Strained Peace of Inter-referendum Northern Ireland (1998-2016),' under contract with Liverpool University Press. This project investigates the quality of peace in Northern Ireland after the 1998 Good Friday Agreement, with a particular focus on the 'inter-referendum' years of 1998-2016 - from 1998 to the Brexit vote. I examine the relationship between the 'opportunity for a new beginning' imagined in peace negotiations and the division, animosity, and threat of violence that have characterised much of the period since. This project sheds light on why negotiated settlement has fallen short of its goals two decades later and why the uncertainty of Brexit has the potential to further strain tensions in the region.   

More generally, I am interested in questions of the quality of peace established after negotiated settlements and the degree to which violence and its threat continue to shape that peace long after ceasefires, especially in deeply-divided societies.

Academic qualifications

PhD - International Relations, University of St Andrews

MA - Politics, Queen's University Belfast

BA - American Studies, Yale University 

Awards and honours

British International Studies Association Founders Fund, 2020 

Airey Neave Trust Research Grant, 2018 

Conflict Research Society Sydney Bailey Fund, 2018

British Association for Irish Studies Postgraduate Bursary, 2018

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Graduate Award, 2014-2018

Selected publications

  • Hall, A. 2019. ‘Peace at Any Cost? The Necessity of the On the Runs Scheme to the Endurance of Peace in Northern Ireland’.Irish Political Studies34(3), p. 357-378.
  • Hall, A. 2018. ‘Incomplete Peace and Social Stagnation: Shortcomings of the Good Friday Agreement’.Open Library of Humanities4(2), p. 7.


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