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Disputes and Claims Against University of Reading

Legal Services provide advice and support on the manging of disputes and claims brought against the University of Reading, including pre-action activity, alternative forms of disputes resolution, court or tribunal procedures, and settlements. 

Please note that if you are looking to bring a claim against the University of Reading, in either a private or professional format, Legal Services will be unable to advise or provide you with legal support.

If you receive notice that any form of legal action is being brought, or may be brought, against the University, you must send details of the claim, including any relevant documents or letters you have received, to Legal Services immediately so that we can act as soon as possible to protect the University.

To contact us, please click here

You must not attempt to deal with the matter on your own by admitting or accepting liability or settling a claim. Liability can be conceded orally or in writing, or in some cases by conduct on receipt of a claim, and therefore once a claim or threat of a claim has been received you should not have any contact with the person or organisation bringing or threatening action without first speaking to Legal Services. Any further contact received should be sent directly to Legal Services. 

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