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Changes to the Staff Portal and In Brief

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As part of the process to improve access to information for colleagues, changes will be made to the Staff Portal and In Brief. You will notice some changes to the Staff Portal navigation which reflect how colleagues are using this site. Some tidying up has already happened, for example, broken and out of date links have been removed from the A to Z list.

Following the change of In Brief to Mailchimp earlier this year it has been possible better understand how colleagues interact with it. As a result, changes will be made starting with the day it is issued on. The copy deadline and issue dates for In Brief for the rest of the year are:




September 2019

Tuesday 3 September

Monday 9 September

October 2019

Monday 30 September

Monday 7 October

November 2019

Thursday 31 October

Wednesday 6 November

December 2019

Thursday 28 November

Monday 4 December

These dates are also displayed on the
In Brief home page.


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