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New year, new In Brief

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The Internal Communications team would like to advise colleagues of some changes to the monthly staff newsletter, In Brief.

Starting this month, we will be using MailChimp to produce and distribute the newsletter. We have been using the tool to produce ‘In Brief’ for nearly a year now, and this change will not affect the look and feel of the newsletter.

The three changes you need to be aware of are:

Better distribution: The new tool will help us deliver ‘In Brief’ on a set date and time every month, and to everyone working for the University. Our current distribution tool is quite old and unable to manage this effectively. It will also reduce the time taken to produce the newsletter, so we can accept content until the week it is distributed.

Better analytics: We want to create a newsletter that you find useful and engaging. MailChimp will provide us a better insight on ‘In Brief’ than we currently have – including how many emails were opened, which email software was used and what were the most popular links. You can control the cookies that provide us this information by not downloading the images when prompted by your email software – and by not clicking on any links in the newsletter.

Better mobile access: The new ‘In Brief’ will work well on all your mobile devices. As those of you who have access the newsletter on your mobile phone already know, it needs a lot of pinching and zooming to read its content. It also does not support video or audio content, limiting what we can share with everyone.

MailChimp will also help us in developing ‘In Brief’ further, adding new elements to it and testing these with specific users. If you would like to help us, please email the Internal Communications Team. Please also indicate if you would be OK with us seeking your help in shaping other internal communication channels.

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