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Celebrating teaching and learning success

Faculty Awards for Outstanding Contributions to Teaching and Learning

Faculty Awards for Outstanding Contributions to Teaching and Learning. From l-r: Dr Carmel Houston-Price, Dr Geoff Taggart, Dr Jane Setter, Professor Rob Robson, Elizabeth Schlackman, Marcel Prokopczuk, Dr Francesca Greco

Each year the Centre for the Development of Teaching and Learning (CDoTL) recognises and rewards the sustained and outstanding contributions of staff to teaching and learning at the University. This year over 50 members of staff were awarded at a ceremony in September. Congratulations to everyone!

The University of Reading Teaching Fellowship Scheme

This is a prestigious award conferred on an individual who has demonstrated excellence and contributed to the development of teaching and learning within the University.

  • Dr Richard Mitchell (School of Systems Engineering)
  • Dr Maria Gee (School of Management)
  • Helen Hathaway (Library)

Early Career Fellows 2011/12

The University of Reading Early Career Teaching Fellowship follows the same principles as the main scheme and is aimed at any individual who has demonstrated individual excellence early in their career within the University.

  • Dr Matthew Nicholls (Classics)
  • Helen Bilton (Institute of Education)
  • Dr Katja Strohfeldt (Pharmacy)

Faculty Awards for Outstanding Contributions to Teaching and Learning

This new award was introduced this year to recognise and reward individuals who have made an exceptional, ongoing contributions to teaching and learning, either through direct interactions with students, their support of staff within the School/section, or their contributions to a Faculty, Directorate or University initiative. 

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

  • Dr Emma Vickers (School of Humanities)
  • Dr Jane Setter (School of Literature and Languages)

Faculty of Social Sciences

  • Thom Koller (School of Law)
  • Dr Geoff Taggart (Institute of Education)

Henley Business School

  • Marcel Prokopczuk (ICMA Centre)

Faculty of Life Sciences

  • Dr Francesca Greco (School of Chemistry, Food and Pharmacy)
  • Dr Carmel Houston-Price (School of Psychology and Clinical Language Science)

Directorates of Academic Services and Student Services

  • Elizabeth Schlackman (Library)

Faculty Awards for Teaching and Learning

When judging the nominations for the Faculty Awards for Outstanding Contributions to Teaching and Learning, the Panel identified a number of staff who had clearly made a significant contribution which deserved wider recognition. Therefore the Panel made seven Faculty Awards for Teaching and Learning of £200 each to the following members of staff:

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

  • Chris Wagstaff (School of Literature and Languages)

Faculty of Social Sciences

  • Nicola Langton (Institute of Education)
  • Dr James Garnett (Institute of Education)

Faculty of Life Sciences

  • Dr Darren Juniper (School of Agriculture, Policy and Development)
  • Dr Graham Holloway (School of Biological Sciences)

Faculty of Science

  • Dr Nick Branch (School of Human and Environmental Sciences)
  • Dr Andrew Charlton-Perez (School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences)

Team Awards for Outstanding Contributions to Teaching and Learning

This year four teams were awarded as part of this scheme:

Institute of Education - the Early Years team won particular praise for their supportive, inclusive and frequently creative approach to non-traditional students. The team delivers the Foundation degree in Early Years Development and Learning, and comprises staff from the Institute of Education and three partner Further Education Colleges.

School of Management - the team from the Accounting Department were awarded for their development of an innovative postgraduate module, which aims to develop students' understanding of accounting and skills through the applications of their knowledge to real-world business problems. The teaching scores relating to their work are above average and there is clear student appreciation of the module's value.

Literature and Languages - this team have also developed a unique new module - Introduction to Language Teaching. Visiting Erasmus students are given intensive training in teaching languages and are then encouraged to plan and facilitate conversations in their mother tongue with undergraduate students to help them practice their own language skills.

Food and Nutritional Sciences - the group comprising staff from this department's food pilot plant (which is the largest of its kind in the UK) have been recognised for their dedication and hard work in operating this unique resource in a way that is of enormous benefit to both students and industrial visitors.

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