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Learning German

Grammar/vocabulary websites

Languages Online has good interactive exercises on a variety of topics covered at Levels 1 and 2. The first exercises on each list are very easy, starting at beginner level. You can choose how difficult an exercise you want to do by going further down the list.

Go into the website and click on 'Deutsch' on the left-hand side.

Access German

This site has useful interactive exercises for Level 1 (beginner) and Level 2 students (for revision). It also has a number of websites of related interest.

An extensive selection of interactive Grammar Exercises. There is a long list to choose from, so you can focus on what you would like to improve. These are also suitable for more advanced students.


Language courses

The following courses are for beginners, or they can be used as revision for students with some knowledge of German.

Talk German

German Quick Fix

This site contains some basic phrases on a variety of topics to which you can listen and repeat.


Reading and listening

Listening, reading and writing practice on different levels can be found at the Goethe Institut. The writing practice includes tasks and model answers. You can navigate around the pages until you find something which interests you.

In the website, click on 'Deutsch lernen' at the top of the page, then on 'Deutsch ├╝ben im Web' on the left-hand side, then on 'Aufgaben' or 'Lesen und Schauen' on the left-hand side. If you choose 'Aufgaben', you will then be asked to specify a level (e.g. A1-A2 for IWLP Levels 1 and 2; this section may also have useful revision for level 3). Click on 'Goethe-Zertifikat A1: Start Deutsch 1, Online Modellsatz', or on the A2 equivalent. You can then choose the listening, reading or writing exercises. (Click on 'Tipp' at the end of the exercise, to find out which answers were not correct.)

The Jetzt Deutsch Lernen section of the Goethe website has listening and reading practice for higher levels. You can see authentic German video recordings on a variety of topics and read texts. There are a lot of options to choose from and plenty to explore!


German Media

News websites

For the news in German, go to Deutsch Welle .

Again, click on 'Deutschland' on the left-hand side for German news (listening as well as reading).

There are shorter, easier articles in German on a variety of news items at Yahoo .

The following are websites for students with a fairly high level of understanding of German. They contain information about topical items and video clips:





Cultural interest

Germany Inside Out.This website is in English. It gives cultural information about different areas in Germany, with interesting and often unusual insights into aspects of German life and history.

Germany Tourism The website has information  about Germany in either German or English. Click on 'Deutsch' or 'English' in the bar at the top of the page to find German or English versions of the same articles. This can help develop your reading comprehension skills as well as giving you interesting insights into life in Germany.

Things to do now
Practise your reading by visiting the news websites recommended.