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Last updated: 18 January, 2023

Official Control in the UK

Providing an index of news items and documents linked to UK official control and enforcement activities

On this page:

Outline Information on the UK National Control System

For good reference material, the following can be consulted:

2017 UK Annual Report - Progress towards implementation of the Multi-Annual National Control Plan for the United Kingdom

A copy of the full document is available on this site.

EU Commission: Country Profile - Organisation of Official Controls - United Kingdom (2015)

A copy of the full document is available on this site.

UK Legislation

Brexit: Prior to the IP Completion Day (31 December 2020), the legal requirements given in the EU Regulations listed on the EU Legislation: Official Control of Food page still applied to the UK. Since IP Completion Day, the EU Regulations have been incorporated into UK legislation but with amendments to correct deficiencies. Information on this is given below. For more details of the process of incorporating EU legislation into UK law, see the separate page: UK Food Law: EU Legislation as Amended for the UK. Provisions for the enforcement of the controls (originally the EU Regulations but now as amended) have been provided in the UK Regulations listed below. For Northern Ireland, EU rules still apply.


Guidance and official support (from Food Standards Agency (E, W and NI) and Food Standards Scotland ):

EU Legislation with links to amended for application in the UK:


Requirements for implementation and enforcement are provided separately for the four parts of the United Kingdom.

UK Official Control News Items

Selected items of news from the main Foodlaw-Reading news pages (from 2011):

Listing of Available Publications

To ensure continuing access to potentially useful documents, copies of various official publications are retained on this site. The following list provides quick access to some of these selected publications relating to official control and enforcement in the UK.

Many of these items are p rovided uder the Open Government Licence. The symbol provides access to the original site of the publication - these links are not updated.









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