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Rental of Pilot Plant Equipment

The Food Processing Centre offers pilot plant facilities and expertise to companies and other organisations. Our clients use the Centre to carry out product and process development trials on a pilot scale. This allows our clients to operate the pilot plant with the guidance of university academic and technical staff, hence saving money on expensive production trials.

The Centre has worked with many food manufacturing and related companies, ranging from multinational organisations to small to medium enterprises, including many household names. Projects range from simple one-off process trials to long term studies in which concepts are developed through to pilot scale production. Some examples of projects carried out for commercial clients include:

  • Development of UHT flavoured milk drinks
  • Improving the yield of cottage cheese curd
  • Developing new ice cream formulations
  • Development of fruit and vegetable based products
  • Developing novel approaches in the manufacture of dairy products such as ricotta and mascarpone
  • Reducing waste in food factories
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