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Flavourtech develop and manufacture novel thin film distillation, evaporation and extraction technology that is widely used in the Food and Beverage Industry including the Spinning Cone Column (SCC) and Centritherm® Spinning Cone Evaporator.

The SC is an aroma recovery or flavour management device. A pilot scale SCC is housed in the Food Processing Centre pilot plant. SCC applications include aroma recovery from tea, coffee, fruits and vegetables, essential oil extraction from a variety of botanicals, de-odorisation of cream, de-oiling of citrus juice and alcohol adjustment/de-alcoholisation of wine and beer.

Flavourtech’s Centritherm Spinning Cone Evaporator is a uniquely designed evaporator particularly suited for processing thermally sensitive products and or highly viscous product. A pilot scale Centritherm is also housed in the Food Processing Centre pilot plant. Centritherm applications include the concentration of tropical fruit juices, fruit purees, tea and coffee extracts, dairy proteins and other botanical extracts.

For more information please contact:

Phil Riley

Telephone: +44 (0)118 935 7309


Website: Flavourtech