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Room Bookings 2024/5

The points at which rooms can be booked for ad-hoc activities will be changing for 2024/5. This will support the changes to the publication of the timetable under semesterisation and the prioritisation of a consistent teaching pattern.  There will be restrictions on booking via CMISGo and via direct contact with the Room Booking Officer.

These restrictions will depend on the type of space being booked, the time of year and the date of the required booking. Please see here for a full breakdown of what can be booked when.

Draft Timetable 2024/5

The draft timetable for the 2024/5 academic year is now available on CMISGo Next. All academic colleagues should thoroughly check their entire timetable for all weeks, as well as the timetables for any programmes or modules they are responsible for.

Details of what should be checked can be found here.

Any changes required must be returned by the end of the day on Friday 28th June 2024. We will only make requested changes where these do not have a knock-on impact on other modules, pathways, or programmes. We will contact Schools to let you know which changes we have not been able to implement.

The timetable runs from the 2nd September 2024 to the 31st August 2025. A calendar, which includes week numbers and dates, can be found here.

The final timetable will be published in stages, starting with the Semester 1 timetable. The key dates for timetable publication can be found here.

CMISGo User Guides

There are three versions of the user guide, one for staff members with administrator permissions, one for regular members of staff, and one for students. These contain information to help you navigate CMISGo, including how to view timetables and how to book rooms (if you are permitted to do so).

If you need further advice then please contact either for any timetable queries, or for any queries relating to making ad-hoc room bookings.

Timetable Draft Release

The 2024/5 draft timetable and online room booking is now available for staff HERE.

Please see the Help Page for more information on room booking restrictions and what checks on the draft are required.

The 2023/4 timetable is still available as normal here.


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