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Objectives for Black Box: business communications

Black Box invites you to look at images and situations in a different way. It reveals the hidden processes underlying all communication and develops your ability to productively communicate by encouraging awareness of the automatic assumptions and passive presumptions we are habitually guided by.

'It draws out communication barriers (perception, prejudice, verbal versus non-verbal behaviours, cultural challenges).' – Head of Marketing and Innovation Academy, O2

At a professional development level, Black Box has a range of objectives:

  • To raise awareness of the conventions and preconceptions which shape your judgments and assessments
  • To improve your awareness of communication processes
  • To develop adaptability and flexibility in communication
  • To enable clarity of thought throughout a project/process
  • To promote the development of creative thinking
  • To support EI (emotional intelligence and response management)
Additionally, Black Box is very good at helping us to see things from other people's perspectives. It is good for teambuilding or establishing relationships and ways of communicating with colleagues from other departments, cultures or professions.
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