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A typical workshop

Black Box is innovative, creative, thought-provoking – Head of Marketing and Innovation Academy, O2

Black Box lets your imagination go wild! - delegate from PWC

Our bespoke service is tailored around a basic structure: your day progresses from an introduction to the Black Box technique to practical explorations and critical analysis, using a range of small group work and larger communal discussion.

9 am — Coffee and introductory activities

Delegates introduce themselves and their professional activities

9.30am — Images are presented in the box by the facilitators, who lead analysis, drawing out some of the underlying principles. This section of the day concludes with an element of discussion which moves from the abstract back into applied situations.

11 am — Over coffee the delegates are allocated to groups and work on devising an image themselves.

11.30–12.45 — These images are presented to the rest of the group and subjected to detailed analysis. This part of the day ends with further reflection on the principles and practices which have been revealed.

12.45–1.45pm — Lunch, further small group work as the delegates aim to hone their skills of communication in a second visual exercise.

1.45–3pm — The presentation and discussion of the second images; reflection on the application of some of the ideas we have encountered.

3 pm — Break

3.15–4pm A final session reinforcing the practical applications of the ideas that have been explored in the more abstract setting of the box. During this time, the link between our training and your work environment and methods will be reinforced.

4pm Finish
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