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Are we for you?: business communications workshops

'I can see great potential in using Black Box for our team building purposes, improving managerial skills & also part of personal development for those who need to improve their communication skills or openness to ideas.' – representative from Vanco (Training and Development)

Our business communications diagram illustrates how Black Box training can develop a broad range of transferable business skills.

Here are some examples of how Black Box can be of benefit to personal performance:

  • develops leadership /managerial skills
  • boosts productivity in meetings and other group work
  • improves internal communicative skills – 1:1
  • advances the efficiency of problem-solving
  • aids development and innovation processes

Black Box can support business operations, especially in media and visual fields:

  • responsive brand development:
  • advertising strategies
  • productive customer-client liaison (consultancy/recruitment and sales divisions)
  • improved intradepartmental communications

In addition:

One of Black Box's underlying strengths is getting people to see things from the point of view of others. This is one aspect of the way in which Black Box develops team-building skills. Combine this with the benefits of small groups working together, thinking actively and producing practically, and Black Box can be appreciated as an experience which organically enhances social development within peer groups.

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