Molecular and Cellular Medicine Group

Head: Professor Ketan Patel


Confocal MicroscopeThis research group brings together biomedical science researchers whose primary aim is to understand the molecular and cellular causes of disease in order to facilitate the development of new therapies.

In particular, we focus on cardiovascular disease (blood clotting, atherosclerosis, cardiomyocyte function), skeletal muscle development and muscular dystrophies, ovarian function and fertility, endocrine disruptors, the endocrinology of the 'stress response' and cancer. Group members also engage in bioinformatics, structural biology and systems biology research.

Several members of this research grouping are also members of the
Institute for Cardiovascular & Metabolic Research.


This interdisciplinary group aims to understand the molecular and cellular causes of disease to facilitate the development of new therapies focusing primarily on cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, cancer and muscle wasting diseases. Over the current assessment period, this section has flourished, driven mainly by creating the Institute of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Research (ICMR) and CINN and also through five key research appointments through the £14M Academic Investment Programme.

Over the next five years the Molecular and Cellular Medicine group will:

  1. Further develop expertise in the application of world leading imaging modalities in the study of molecular and cell biology and in vivo animal models of disease and human subjects using the facilities in the recently established cardiovascular imaging facilities in ICMR.
  2. Expand our links with industry and medical translational platforms to exploit our work on stem cells to develop therapies to treat tissue wasting diseases and to take advantage of emerging iPS technologies to generate personalised medicine.
Academics Research Interests
Dr Andrew Bicknell BicknellAndrew_small

Endocrinology, Adrenal gland, Pituitary, Stress axis

Dr Sam Boateng BoatengSamuel_small

Cardiovascular research, Myocyte mechanosensing, Circadian proteins

Professor Gavin Brooks


Cardiovascular research, Myocardial regeneration

Professor Angela Clerk Dr Angela Clerk

Cardiac myocyte signalling and gene expression

Professor Emeritus Philippa Darbre DarbrePhillipa_small

Breast cancer, Environmental oestrogens

Dr Phil Dash DashPhil_small

Cell migration, Apoptosis, Cancer metastasis, Chemotherapy resistance, Cardiovascular disease

Dr Keith Foster FosterKeith_small

Gene therapy, muscular dystrophies, exon skipping

Dr Michael Fry FryMike_small

Cell signalling, PI-3 kinase signalling, Proteomics & kinase signalling, GSK-3 & Wnt signalling in platelets

Professor Jon Gibbins GibbinsJon_small

Cardiovascular research, Cell Biology, Platelets Haemostasis, Thrombosis

Dr Craig Hughes Craig Hughes

Cardiovascular research, Cell Biology, Platelets, Thrombosis and Haemostasis, Signal transduction, and Tyrosine kinases

Dr Christopher Jones


Cardiovascular research including genetics and genomics of platelet signalling

Dr Eva Kevei

Eva Kevei

The physiological role of ubiquitylation dependent signaling pathways in ageing

Professor Phil Knight KnightPhil_small

Reproductive biology, Endocrinology, Ovarian follicular development, Ovulation, Early embryo development

Professor Jian-Mei Li Jian-Mei Li

Cardiovascular research

Dr David Leake LeakeDavid_small

Cardiovascular research, Atherosclerosis, Oxidised Low Density Lipoprotein

Dr Liam McGuffin McGuffinLiam_small

Bioinformatics, Molecular Systems Biology, Prediction of protein structures, functions and interactions

Professor Ketan Patel

[Head of Molecular & Cellular Medicine]

Developmental Biology, Skeletal muscle development. Adult skeletal muscle function, Embryonic skeletal muscle growth

Dr Alice Pollitt

Alice Pollitt

Cell-cell communication between platelets and non-hematopoietic cells. Spatial and temporal organisation of the cell surface

Dr Dyan Sellayah

Dr Dyan Sellayah

Obesity research

Dr Nandini Vasudevan

Nandini Vasudevan

Neuroendocrinology and Molecular Endocrinology with an emphasis on behaviour using physiologically relevant model systems

Professor Peter Sugden Prof Peter Sugden

Cardiovascular research

Dr Kim Watson WatsonKim_small

Metabolic enzymes, ABC transporters, Protein crystallography, Computational Biology

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