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Cameron chose to study Consumer Behaviour and Marketing at Reading because it helped him to combine his passion for psychology with his career aspirations to work in business. 

“I love psychology, having done an A level in it I found it fascinating, so being able choose a subject that satisfied my wish to do more and increase my future job prospects was ideal”. 

The flexibility and range of modules available in the programme have allowed Cameron to tailor his degree and consequently gain a breadth of knowledge aligned to his personal interests. 

“Choosing CBM gave me the opportunity to take optional modules, giving me the freedom to vary my learning. Having the ability to learn a lot of different things was important to me because I didn’t want to solely focus on marketing. I have certainly enjoyed studying at Reading. The variety of modules that the University offers has allowed me to experience learning beyond my own course.”  

Cameron has benefitted from a range of experiences studying at Reading, working with other students to develop the skills and knowledge needed for his future career.  

“I had the chance to assist in the preparation for the Digital Marketing Symposium, an annual event staged by marketing students. I also got to present at the symposium which was a very interesting way to learn and improve my presentation skills! 

I benefitted from work with my classmates which required discussion on topics during lectures and in seminars. This made me feel very immersed in the work I was doing. Reports were interesting because the scope was so wide that I could choose aspects of marketing I was interested in. Collaborating with friends on my course was hugely valuable. Creating and discussing ideas on our subjects improved the results of my work”.