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h-Tutorials, Salford

Salford University’s contribution to the PPLATO project includes a set of hyper-linked tutorials (h-Tutorials) covering a full range of mathematical topics from Foundation Year, Level One and Level Two. The subject matter aligns with the Maths for Science and h-Flap texts, while the mode of presentation centres on student learning through practice of examples with full worked solutions. A strong emphasis is placed on encouraging the student to use solutions intelligently and to achieve a gradual build up of confidence and competence in each topic.

h-Tutorials are self-contained units that include background theory, usage tips, alternative notations and, where appropriate, formula sheets – presenting closed and focused environments for developing particular mathematical skills. In common with the Interactive Mathematics package, materials are in Acrobat pdf format. As well as enhancing the overall coherence of the PPLATO resource, this facilitates web-like navigational features and permits an attractive and uncluttered presentation of materials.

The first tutorial on integration by parts is a available as a demo.

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