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  • How to access the Careers Centre after graduation

    26-May-2015 13:00
    This session will outline careers support, and what you could do next.
    [...] Read more »

  • Which career?

    28-May-2015 13:00
    Are you still unsure which career is exciting enough to make you get out of bed each morning? If so, this finalists' workshop will provide you with the tools to work it [...] Read more »

  • Recruitment Boot Camp

    29-May-2015 11:00
    An interactive, focused and fun event to tone up your job-hunting skills and prepare you for the recruitment process. Presented by a Careers Centre Consultant and representative from [...] Read more »

  • Drop-in Clinic for SSE Finalists

    03-Jun-2015 11:00
    Finals over - what next?  Sign up for a 15 minute appointment with Fiona Corby, your Careers Consultant, to get started with formulating future career plans.
    [...] Read more »

  • MBTI - Understanding your personality

    03-Jun-2015 13:00
    MBTI is a tool that aims to increase self-awareness and self-confidence and can improve professional and personal relationships by helping you to understand the people around [...] Read more »

  • Austin Fraser Open day

    03-Jun-2015 14:00
    Austin Fraser is ranked in the top 10 best companies to work in the UK.  Come along, grab a slice of pizza and find out you can be part of it.To attend, please call Natasha Teskey to [...] Read more »

  • Effective interviewing skills

    05-Jun-2015 13:00
    The session will allow you to gain insight into what companies look for during interviews and find out how to prepare for them. The session is designed to provide you with the theory [...] Read more »

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