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  • Archaeology CV Clinic

    12-Jan-2015 11:00
    Bring along your draft CV and get it checked by our careers adviser for Archaeology.
    [...] Read more »

  • PwC coffee cart

    02-Feb-2015 10:40
    Thirsty for opportunity? We may have the opportunities you’re looking for. Our PwC coffee crew is heading to your campus very soon! Get your free drink and take the opportunity to chat [...] Read more »

  • LinkedIn Presentation

    02-Feb-2015 13:00
    Considering the excellent benefits that connecting with professionals on LinkedIn brings, students should never ignore this social networking platform. In fact, your networking on [...] Read more »

  • Graduating this summer? What next?

    02-Feb-2015 13:00
    Professional advice and support for final year students before you leave... This workshop will cover: Where to find the vacancies Top tips for applications and advice on what to do if [...] Read more »

  • Write a winning application form

    03-Feb-2015 13:00
    Puzzled by application forms? Wondering what employers want to read and how honest you should be? Come along to this session to find out more and learn how to stand out from the [...] Read more »

  • Career options for Humanities and Social Sciences students

    03-Feb-2015 13:00
    Discover the career options available to arts, humanities and social science students; explore the best resources on the web and learn how to move towards a firm career [...] Read more »

  • Explore: Museums and the heritage sector

    04-Feb-2015 13:00
    Considering a career in the museums and heritage sector? Find out what it takes to be successful and what you can do now to get started.
    [...] Read more »

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