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The ReFOLD server: refinement of 3D models of proteins guided by accurate quality estimates

About the server

The ReFOLD server provides:

  1. Refinement of 3D models of proteins and an assessment of their global quality.
  2. Interactive 3D comparisons of refined and original models
  3. Predictions of the local quality (per-residue error) within multiple refined models.
  4. Machine-readable data downloads

Fair usage policy:

You are only permitted to have 1 job running at a time for each IP address, so please wait until your previous job completes before submitting further data. If you already have a job running then you will be notified and your uploaded data will be deleted. Once your job has completed your IP address will be unlocked and you will be able to submit new data.

ReFOLD server submission form

Help page

Sample output


  • Shuid, A.N., Kempster, R. & McGuffin, L.J. (2017) ReFOLD: a server for the refinement of 3D models of proteins guided by accurate quality estimates. Nucleic Acids Research, 45, W422-W428, doi: 10.1093/nar/gkx249. PubMed
  • McGuffin, L.J., Shuid, A.N., Kempster, R., Maghrabi, A.H.A., Nealon J.O., Salehe, B.R., Atkins, J.D. & Roche, D.B. (2017) Accurate Template Based Modelling in CASP12 using the IntFOLD4-TS, ModFOLD6 and ReFOLD methods. Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics, 86 Suppl 1, 335-344, doi: 10.1002/prot.25360. PubMed

Example of ReFOLD quality assessment guided refinement for CASP12 target T0892 domain 1. Using ReFOLD we improved upon the initial server model (GDT_TS score improved from 79.71 -> 82.25). Left panel - starting model in cyan, refined model in magenta, actual structure in green. Right panel - GDT plot showing the improvement starting from initial server models (cyan) to the ReFOLD refined models (magenta).


Tel: 0118 378 6332

Email: l.j.mcguffin

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