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The ModFOLD Model Quality Assessment Server (Version 6.0)

This form allows you to predict the quality of 3D models for a given protein target. Further information and references can be found on the ModFOLD home page. Before you submit a prediction please refer to the help page. Click 'Help' in each section for detailed instructions.

Required - Input sequence of protein target (single letter code) Help

Required - Upload model/models (either a single PDB file or a tarred and gzipped directory of PDB files) Help

Select global accuracy score optimisation preference Help
Ranking (the models with the highest global accuracy are ranked at the top)
Balanced (good correlations and top model ranking)
Correlation (the predicted accuracy scores correlate linearly with the observed accuracy scores)

Optional - E-mail address (you will be sent a link to graphical and machine readable results when the job is completed) Help

Optional - Short name for protein target Help

Please cite the following paper:

McGuffin, L. J., Buenavista, M. T., & Roche, D. B. (2013) The ModFOLD4 Server for the Quality Assessment of 3D Protein Models. Nucleic Acids Res., 41, W368-72. PubMed


Tel: 0118 378 6332

Email: l.j.mcguffin

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