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What UROP students say...

“I really enjoyed the level of independence I was given for the project as it enabled me to trial things in my own way, make mistakes and learn from them.  This was a really valuable element of the project and enabled the most self-development.” Chloe Nkomo, 2022

“The structure of my project and my supervisor were the best things about the project. Everything went smoothly and my supervisor had laid out the structure of the project quite well by also setting out weekly goals in order to achieve the best!” Isha Patil, 2022

“The best thing about my project was being in a laboratory around professionals who gave me advice on future aspirations and shared how they got to where they are. I found it very beneficial and reassuring as I would like to do a phD - this experience solidified that. The atmosphere was very friendly and it was nice to observe other people's research and find out more about what is being discovered at Reading.” Tamara Vujic, 2021

“I feel that through the UROP I have obtained some invaluable experience from working alongside talented researchers within the real research environment. I have developed a range of skills, such as the ability to handle, sort and analyse data within excel, to create and run psychological experiments using Collector, and how to edit auditory, and visual stimuli using Praat scripts and DaVinci, respectively. These skills I will easily be able to apply to other programs.” Kiera Stevens, 2021

“My UROP placement has been an invaluable experience and has heavily boosted both my research knowledge, practical lab skills, and my academic confidence. Whilst in the lab I engaged with my supervisor about scientific concepts and theories, developing my scientific communication skills and developing my interpersonal skills with a more advanced member of the scientific community.” Aysha Hales-Henao, 2020

“I felt like the mentoring I received from my supervisors was immensely valuable. I entered the project with virtually no background in the specifics of the experiment, albeit general philosophical knowledge and some popular psychology readings. I was educated on a wealth of exciting literature and felt like I had been really 'brought up to speed' with the current research climate in experimental philosophy of language.” Hamish Greening, 2020