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Yiran Zou

Senior Technician in Research and Teaching, SAPD, Agriculture building



I look after the analytical lab in School of Agriculture, Policy and Development, provide technical support for a range of analytical instrumentation, including Perkin Elmer ICP-OES, Agilent GC. Routine maintenance of analytical laboratory equipment, e.g. Milli-Q ultrapure water system, Ethos microwave reactor, and a set of organic chemistry equipment; I also provide lab induction and training on equipment, and support the students and researchers on their activities.



Shu, X., Zou, Y., Shaw, L.J., Todman, L., Tibbett, M., Sizmur, T., Cover crop residue diversity enhances microbial activity and biomass with additive effects on microbial structure, Soil Research, DOI:10.1071/SR21105


Abai, M., Atkins, M., Hassan, A.B., Holbrey, J.D., Kuah, Y., Nockmann, P., Oliferenko, A.A., Plechkova, N., Rafeen, S., Rahman, A.A., Ramli, R., Shariff, S.M., Seddon, K.R., Srinivasan, G., Zou, Y., An ionic liquid process for mercury removal from natural gas. Dalton Transactions 44(18), DOI:10.1039/c4dt03273j


Abai, M., Atkins, M., Holbrey, J.D., Kuah, Y.C., Nockemann, P., Seddon, K.R., Srinivasan, G., Zou, Y., Process for removing metals from hydrocarbons. Patent


Gan, Q., Zou, Y., Rooney, D., Nancarrow, P., Theoretical and experimental correlations of gas dissolution, diffusion, and thermodynamic properties in determination of gas permeability and selectivity in supported ionic liquid membranes, Advances in Colloid and Interface Science 164(1-2), DOI:10.1016/j.cis.2011.01.005


PhD and MSc (Distinction) in Queen’s University of Belfast, Chemistry and chemical engineering

BSc in Beijing Institute of Technology, Biochemical Engineering

Career History:

I have five years research fellow experience in Queen’s University Ionic Liquid Laboratory, focus on the metal removal from natural gas and crude oil. After maternity break, I started working as a technician in Manchester Metropolitan University Chemistry department, and soon moved to University of Reading as senior research technician in SAGES on the research project on cover crops and soil resilience. After a few months working in teaching lab to delivery practical lessons, I have moved to current position to support research projects.