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Simon Feist

Health and Safety Co-ordinator


I have various roles within the School however the one on which I spend most time is Building Manager within the Knight and AMS BuildingS. This appointment was made in August 2011 and since then I have been continually trying to improve the overall facilities.

As School Area Health and Safety Coordinator I offer advice and guidance on a whole range of safety related topics. I am Chair of the School Safety Committee and publish the School Area Health and Safety Code. Another role is that of School Radiation Protection Supervisor.

Across campus I sit on the University Safety Committee as well as both Sub Committees for Radiation and Biological Safety. I also sit on committees within FMD, SCFP and APD under various guises.


  • Plasma inhibin A in heifers: relationship with follicle dynamics, gonadotropins, and steroids during the estrous cycle and after treatment with bovine follicular fluid. Bleach EC, Glencross RG, Feist SA, Groome NP, Knight PG. Biol Reprod. 2001 Mar;64(3):743-52
  • Measurement of inhibin-A (alpha beta A dimer) during the oestrous cycle, after manipulation of ovarian activity and during pregnancy in ewes. Knight PG, Feist SA, Tannetta DS, Bleach EC, Fowler PA, O'Brien M, Groome NP. J Reprod Fertil. 1998 May;113(1):159-66.
  • Effects of active immunization of sheep against an amino terminal peptide of the inhibin alpha C subunit on intrafollicular levels of activin A, inhibin A and follistatin. Tannetta DS, Feist SA, Bleach EC, Groome NP, Evans LW, Knight PG. J Endocrinol. 1998 Apr; 157(1):157-68

Career History

I took the job of research technician here at the University of Reading in the early Nineties. The first few years I worked on environmental (pesticide) poisoning of wildlife, mainly birds. I then spent many years working on reproductive endocrinology, particularly ovarian function. The last research group I worked for was involved in looking at skeletal muscle development. In 2008 I 'left' the laboratory to take a desk job, however I thoroughly enjoyed working in the laboratory environment and will forever miss my days at the 'bench'.


+44 118 378 7075

Building G34 AMS