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Keith Hill

Associate Director


As Associate Director, it is my responsibility to ensure that appropriate and sufficient technical support is provided to three Schools of the University, specifically the Institute Of Education, the School Of Arts And Communication Design, and the School Of The Built Environment. As part of this, I have developed a model of staffing support which encourages team members to multi- and up-skill in order to provide a robust and agile service, but also allows for them to develop personal specialisms. I readily engage with University staff and students to ensure that the team continues to provide an excellent service and fulfil the requirements needed of them, as well as sitting on University committees and working groups when needed to influence policy and procedure development in order to safeguard the continued efficiency of the Schools' operation and represent the interests of technicians.

Areas of interest

Following my time working in Housing, I am still very interested in politics and social policy.

In my leisure life, I am a passionate science-fiction and comic book fan (or 'nerd', if you will), as well as being a board- and card-game enthusiast. I am also a keen podcast-listener and believe audio-entertainment to be a vastly underrated medium. My greatest fascination, however, is with the unique cultural phenomenon of professional wrestling as a performance art, the history, development, theory and practice of which I have studied for many years. If you ever meet me, I recommend not engaging me on this topic. You will not get away.

Career History

I graduated from the University of Reading with a BSc in Physics & The Universe in 2004. Having enjoyed my time at Reading, but, never wanting to see an oscilloscope ever again, I embarked on a career in Sheltered & Supported Housing until 2012, when I jumped at the chance to return to my alma mater in the capacity of Facilities & Technical Services Manager for The Institute Of Education. This eventually led to me becoming one of the Associate Directors of Technical Services, a role which has allowed me to design Cluster 3 from the ground up and institute the reforms that I so felt were needed when I started at IoE, among many others.

I have enjoyed developing a distinctive brand for Cluster 3 ("We're the creative ones!"), though it is true to a degree that all things are cyclical and I do in fact sometimes come across oscilloscopes in my role. But I don't mind as much as I thought I would. It is one of my personal goals to increase the recognition of non-science technicians, both at UoR and in the wider sector.