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Dr Karen Henderson



The role involves managing and co-ordinating all aspects of core technical support at the University of Reading. The technical team is responsible for the provision of teaching, research, outreach and health and safety support to staff and students in nine Schools where expert practical skills and knowledge are required in specialist areas such as laboratories, workshops, controlled environments (e.g. glasshouses) art studios and theatres.

Areas of interest

Following a BSc and PhD in biology, carried out postdoctoral research in the field of enzymology of antigen processing at University College London. Then, moved into the field of intestinal stem cell differentiation for the next ten years at CRUK. A period of eight years in the private sector followed and included experience in large scale monoclonal antibody production and in managing teams involved in radiopharmaceutical production and in drug selection for Diagnostic Imaging agents at Amersham International plc - before the latter became GE Healthcare in 2004. Within these roles, have been a classified radiation worker, Radiological Protection Supervisor, Biological Safety Officer and Designated Individual for a Research HTA Licence.


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