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Field Courses

The technical support available to field courses and fieldwork

Services include...

Preparation for fieldwork and field courses

  • Consulting with fieldwork supervisor with regards to scheduling and practicality of the chosen activities (e.g. availability of equipment and materials, requirement for demonstrating)
  • Ensuring that the fieldwork equipment is maintained and available for users
  • Preparing the equipment, reagents and consumables required
  • Providing PPE and waste container if required and set out in the fieldwork risk assessment provided by the supervisor
  • Providing sample container and, on behalf of the School, recharging the cost to users as appropriate

During fieldwork and field courses

  • When required and agreed, providing demonstration and support during the activities
  • If suitably trained, providing First Aid assistance whilst present delivering demonstration and support

After fieldwork and field courses

  • Receipting allocated equipment from organiser as soon as practical after the fieldwork
  • Providing guidance on disposal/removal of project materials


  • Cleaning and repair of fieldwork equipment not returned in an acceptable condition
  • Training and support of any visiting students and researchers (e.g. external UG students, UROP students, external PG students) for fieldwork activities
  • Providing a driving service to and from field sites
  • Participation in field activities outside of normal working hours
  • Maintenance of sample collections
  • Use of a technician specifically to avoid a lone working situation


  • Management of any travel arrangements (e.g. vehicles bookings and maintenance)
  • Creation of risk assessments or completion of indemnity forms and inductions


  • Access to account codes for the purpose of ordering and disposing of items as required
  • Suitable and sufficient risk assessments for all fieldwork activities prior to hand out of equipment
  • At least 2 weeks' notice (before departure date) for fieldwork of up to 2 days and at least 12 weeks' notice for technical support to prepare for all fieldwork activities requiring international travel and/or of duration of more than 2 working days
  • SOPs for sampling/data collection
  • All travel and subsistence costs
Contact us

+44 (0) 118 378 7069